Yvone "Roman" Tsochatzopoulos CV, Filmography
Yvone "Roman" Tsochatzopoulos is born in Thessaloniki, Greece. Since 1971 she has involved in various sectors of film business, including production and distribution, public affairs, sells and acquisition manager. Co-founder in various companies; she is now the president and CEO of Yvone Roman Films, a production company based in Athens, Greece. Her filmography includes:

Atene, una favola storica (producer, 1978)
The Savage Hunt  (producer, 1980)
Nutcracker  (story, 1982)
Carmen the True Story (production supervisor, 1984)
Der Fall Oe  (production assistant, 1991)
The Magic Night  (TV-series, production manager, 1995-96)
The Well (TV-movie, production manager, 1997, 1997)
The Leaf  (TV-movie, production manager, 1997)
Deep End  (producer, 2008)