Produced by Max & Yvone Roman
Directed by Romano Scavolini
Greece-USA, 1980, col-87 min.

Adam Kowalski, an innocent American photographer, goes to Greece in 1974 to take pictures for an archaeological expedition. He meets Irene, a dynamic Greek actress who tries to wake him up to what goes on in her country. The Military Junta is still in power but the young man is oblivious to the truth around him. Her “bigger than life” personality leaves an indelible impression on his heart and mind, but once his work is over he decides to return to the States anyhow. A heartbroken Irene persuades him to take some pictures of herself and the guests at the Embassy farewell party, as a nice memento of their last evening together. Then at the airport, as he is getting ready to leave, a friend of Irene’s slips him another roll of film to deliver to his relatives in New York. When Adam gets home he finds himself the victim of a cruel and relentless hunt. It seems that the rolls he brought with him hide something important and dangerous.

The Police, as well as thugs from a mysterious organization, try to terrorize or bribe him into handing the negatives over to them. All the friends who come in contact with them or try to help him are brutally murdered, and Adam has nowhere to turn for help and protection. Finally a group of young Greeks save him and offer him a hiding place. They also bear a message from Irene that he should hand the negatives over to them. He asks proof of this but they tell him that she has disappeared, probably arrested by the Junta for her activities against the regime. Adam refuses; he will only give the negatives to her. In order to do so he will smuggle himself back in Greece and try to find Irene. Alexis, a young anti-Junta lawyer, is helping him.

They go through a lot of dangers but Irene has left no traces at all. If they were to clarify what is hidden in these negatives maybe they could get somewhere. When the pictures are printed they discover that the roll of film given to him at the airport shows the same respectable Greek and Foreign guests photographed at the Embassy party, torturing political dissidents under the guidance of foreign agents. The proof of their identity and activities would create an international scandal and could easily rock the foundation of the civilized world. No winder so many organizations and governments want them.

Will Adam and Alexis succeed in exposing the truth? Will they survive arrest and torture? Will Adam find Irene and live happily with her once the Junta falls and Democracy returns to Greece? These questions can only be answered when one sees THE SAVAGE HUNT; a spectacular thriller that is more than an adventure with “brutal action” and “breathtaking suspense”. Because the issues it raises go beyond a country, an era, or a certain political situation.