Naked Cinema - The Movie


Produced by Yvone Roman Films
Directed by Vassos Georgas
Greece, 2010, col - 102 min.


In the early 70s Greek cinema entered in a period of crisis. One of its aspects was said “crisis of issues” and one of the exits heard in the name “erotic cinema”.

The genre was already acquaintance from the abundance of foreigner films, that was distributed in the grindhouses under the “adults only” motto and its Greek version had a lot of variants. As it had also a lot of persons, in front and behind the camera that dominated in the film stardom for a decade, before some of them take other roots and others follow the easiest paths of creating video comedies or the more difficult pathways of hardcore pornography. Filmmakers and actors that created those films, together with persons that can argue with enchanting way speak to the camera, and characteristically film clips of the so-called “Greek porno” accompany their parole.

From “soft-core” to “hardcore”, or from the depiction of the naked body to cinematic sex, NAKED CINEMA closes the eye in the viewer, telling him the story of Greek sinema and presenting the wider social frame inside which was created.