Naked Cinema - The Series


For the first time in Greek TV, NAKED CINEMA, a brave new series brings a really serious approach for its documentation and for its material wealth, its appointment of unknown aspects, its critical approach and its aesthetic plenitude. Because of this approach, the series will appeal to the mainstream cinema viewer who is neither a big fun of the Greek erotic cinema, nor a follower of what is called Greek “porn”, but wants to learn everything about Greek cinematic sex. The series will also appeal to the film buff.  

Through a series of interviews with filmmakers of past and present and scholars, the history of eroticism and the depiction of naked human body in the Greek cinema are unfolded. Interviews cover a variety of different people (actors and actresses, producers, directors, scriptwriters, journalists, film critics and historians, scholars, et al) continuously revealing the history of the Greek erotic cinema as well as the wider social frame which created it. 

In each episode the existence and presence of the bare human body in Greek films is revealing with a way that would give the particular stain of a specific period and it has an approach serious, direct and documental, with acceptable doses of film eroticism. Each episode is autonomous, having the form of a documentary and the dramatic climax of a fiction feature film. 

The twelve one-hour episodes of the series could have the following titles:  

   1. The crucial question: Eroticism or Pornography?
  From “Villar’s Adventures” to “The House of Pleasure”
3. Finos Films and Karayiannis - Karatzopoulos: Two competitive companies.
4. Athens' Lolitas and the world of the night.
5. A unique period: The Seventies.
6. From the “softcore” to the “hardcore”.
7. Extreme realism: The frenzy of the close-ups.
8. Angelic and demonic figures.
9. Edge of the picture: The apotheosis of New Greek Cinema.
10. Inside, outside and on the same side (of the screen).
11. Today: conservatism or liberation? - Part I.
12.  Today: conservatism or liberation? - Part II.