The Death I Dreamt Of

In a northern, middle class suburb of the city of Athens… The story follows a group of students, centering on Dorothea, an attractive 17-year-old girl, ready to transcend the tight boundaries of her dull teenage lifestyle. They are all sweet, ordinary, familiar individuals. These youngsters will be, to a larger or lesser extent, the main characters of a series of dramatic evens, some as victims, the rest as perpetrators in the ensuing horror.

Not before long Christos, a newcomer in the town will become the central figure of the group. In his effort to stand out, to be unique, command respect and probe into things he flagrantly disregards light and is gradually attracted by darkness. Slowly, as if part of a ritual he is seduced by the occult. And with him the people that surround him, out of love, awe, curiosity and fear, follow as if in a trance. The “harmless” teenage mystical gatherings give way to “real” satanic rituals; the “innocence” of adolescent love turns into sexual abuse and agonizing orgies. Christos is now the devil and Dorothea is his high priestess. The idyllic suburb has turned into a living hell and horror lurks in the dark.

THE DEATH I DREAMED OF sounds strange, it figures impressive and in turn it becomes real; as an example of transcendental horror within the realm of well established and acceptable conventions; as an irrational reaction towards specific intentions and recorded rational behaviors; as a nightmarish blood bath, which arise from middle class complacency and smugness.

THE DEATH I DREAMED OF is, above all else, a suffocating love story: the uncontrollable passage of time in the lives of two special, unique adolescents, Christos and Dorothea. It is the creation of a dead end, of a hermetically sealed microcosm of two lovers and its frenzied passage within a perfectly conventional environment. It is the lonely quest of two people, free of any barriers or limitations, flooded in darkness and immersed in the scarlet hue of blood.

Panagiotis Kravva’s film is a free fall in terror, an endless downfall into the multi – layered maze of the human mind… As it unfolds, this nightmarish quest evolves into the primordial battle between good and evil, morality and immorality, the holy and the profane, the imaginary versus the real. And it is inspired by true events.